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Welcome to HaShem’s House. If you are Jewish/Christian, used to be Jewish/Christian, want to be Jewish/Christian, post-denominational Jewish/Christian, in an inter-faith marriage, wanting to be inter-faith married, seeking, curious, unaffiliated, disenfranchised from any religion, assimilated, unassimilated or just looking WE CAN BE HOME!  HaShem’s House is the spiritual home for those who have none!

HaShem’s House is a post-denominational congregation [church]/synagogue and interfaith house of prayer for all of HaShem’s (G-d’s) children, located here in Braga Portugal and depends on charitable, tax-deductible love offerings and gifts of giving from wonderful folks such as yourself.

We are B’nai HaShem. The words B’nai HaShem are Hebrew, and literally mean "Children of The Name". Actually it stands for  "Children of God", as that is what we all are. HaShem or "The Name", is used instead of pronouncing God’s personal Four-Letter Name which in English is spelled YHVH. The name HaShem is a polite way of referring to God. Most people do not know the personal name of God, and explaining this is one of our main goals. Of course God has many names, and people refer to Him in many different ways. We ask everyone keep an open mind about God. We ask everyone to read and research all the information they hear or see, from other sources and from this one. 

There are Seven Mitzvahs (Mitzvot) that every man, woman, and child on the face of the Earth are supposed to obey, whether they are Jewish or not. These are known as The Seven Noachide Laws. These are by no means a simple set of laws, and many of the 613 Mitzvot are contained in or directly related to these seven. A non-Jew who obeys these laws is known as a  "Righteous Gentile", and will merit a share in the World to Come in the Garden of Eden. Six of these mitzvahs were given by HaShem to Adam and Eve, then the seventh one to Noah and his descendants. Many centuries later they were written down in the Torah through "Moses" for our benefit, and the benefit of the entire human race.

For more information write to: magcal68@hotmail.com


About EL HINCHA Mag Cal Cauvin Calvinista Inclusivo

Protestante por consciência calvinista e zuingliana, um teísta remanescente (cristão integrado na Oholyáo de YÁOHU UL) antinominiano ecuménico e inclusivo (agostiniano, espiritualidade carmelita dos descalços, espiritualidade montfortina, espiritualidade dos presbiteranos liberais da PCUSA: http://www.pcusa.org/, cristianismo redivivo; atento às notícias da ciência hodierna, sempre numa perspectiva inclusiva de todos os Yaoshorulitas e demais seres relacionais) por a absoluta graça do Soberano YÁOHU UL da História e da legenda. Protestante reformado (Baptista particular), cheunguiano (Vincent Cheung, vide: http://robertovargas-make.blogspot.com/2010/08/da-interpretacao-de-textos.html), pós-milenista bíblico, preterista parcial, reconstrucionista(herancareformada.blogspot.com/ 2010/02/o-teonomismo-implicacoes-teologicas.html), teonomista (dominionista), pressuposicionalista, supralapsariano (http://www.monergismo.com/textos/predestinacao/infra_supra_phil.htm), tudo em desenvolvimento; reformar sempre a reformar. Sempre a reformar.

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