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Miley Cyrus arremete contra Angelina Jolie y Madonna

Miley Cyrus
Actualizado Miércoles , 30-12-09 a las 13 : 16
La Reina de Disney Channel ha demostrado en más de una ocasión que no tiene pelos en la lengua a la hora de criticar a otras celebrities. Sin embargo, la joven que da vida a la popular Hanna Montana ha elegido esta vez como blanco a dos pesos pesados que le van grandes: Angelina Jolie y Madonna.
Miley Cyrus ya dejó claro que no tenía reparos al abrir fuego cuando criticó la saga Crepúsculo, a sus actores e incluso a sus fans: afirmó que nunca verá una de las películas de la franquicia, que no le gusta la interpretación de Robert Pattinson y que la historia de vampiros es como una secta que le lava el cerebro a los fans.
Sin embargo, en declaraciones a una televisión irlandesa, la actriz y cantante ha arremetido ahora contra dos grandes de la profesión, Angelina Jolie y Madonna. El motivo de las críticas no ha sido otro que la forma en las que ambas han expuesto a sus hijos a la opinión pública y a los medios de comunicación.
Pese a que ella misma comenzó su carrera porque su padre, el cantante Billy Ray Cyrus, la empujó a presentarse al casting de la serie Hannah Montana cuando sólo tenía 11 años de edad, la Reina del canal de entretenimiento infantil dice que está "muy en desacuerdo" con la conducta de Jolie y Madonna para con sus hijos, porque no han tenido opción de elegir.
Frente a este, a su juicio, ‘mal ejemplo’, Miley Cyrus considera a la siempre irreverente Lady Gaga su "inspiración". Al parecer, coincidió con ella en una ocasión y la cantante de Poker Face le dio un sabio consejo que ella quiere seguir al pie de la letra: "Me dijo que fuera lo que yo quisiera ser".
World News & Prophecy
January 14, 2010 – Tragedy in Haiti

Dear World News and Prophecy Subscriber,

Massive tragedy has again struck Haiti, the orphan of the western hemisphere. A 7.0 earthquake is the latest in a historic string of tragedies for this poor island nation. More than a hundred thousand are feared dead, and the toll will likely rise.


Tragedy in Haiti


Haiti’s buildings and infrastructure are not built to withstand this magnitude of a quake. That is why you see everything from the presidential palace to the poorest shanty lying in ruins. Decades of political corruption have robbed the country of any chance to provide a high quality of life and health for its citizens. Investment capital has fled the nation, along with many of its brightest citizens—gone to safer havens, like America, to build better lives.

Haiti has suffered almost from its beginning. It was a slave colony for France. After a 13-year uprising, the slaves threw off the French yoke and gained independence in 1804—just as America was expanding westward after the Louisiana Purchase. Yet no major power recognized this fledgling nation, largely because other nations feared losing their own slave colonies in the Caribbean. The United States did not recognize the nation until the 1860s, after the Civil War. Brazil did not recognize it until 1888.

This isolation kept needed trade from developing to create wealth that would lead to better education and standards of health. Lacking the technological development of the modern world, Haiti has largely been left in the hands of corrupt leaders. With limited natural resources, Haiti falls prey to other forms of corruption. It is strategically placed between Latin America and the United States, making it a natural pipeline for international smuggling and drug trafficking controlled by powerful gangs.

On top of this the country lies along two geologic fault lines, one that caused this quake. Hurricanes storming through the Caribbean often make their way over the island, leaving destruction and misery in their wake. ("Permanecei em lugares santos e não sejais movidos e nem se movam até que venha o Dia do S-nhor!" Doutrina & Convénios, Escritura Mórmon [SUD])

In the wake of this disaster international aid will flow into the country. The United States has already sent a carrier to act as a hospital ship. Rescue squads will comb through the wreckage searching for any survivors. But time and the lack of infrastructure are working against the effort. It will take years to recover. Beyond this tragedy awaits others, if only because of Haiti’s geographic location. No doubt thousands of Haitians will immigrate to other nations seeking escape and a better chance at life.

We pray for the people of Haiti in their present suffering. May God speed the day of His intervention and the coming of the Kingdom of God.

Darris McNeely
Keep watching,
Darris McNeely
Managing editor
World News & Prophecy

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